Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has revealed first-party titles from PlayStation Studios won’t launch on PlayStation Plus as it would end the “virtuous cycle” at PlayStation Studios. Ryan believes that going down this road would affect the quality of titles at PlayStation Studios but has also claimed that this could change in the future. According to Ryan, the industry is ever-changing and things can change very quickly citing PlayStation’s publishing of games on PC.

Ryan also spoke about third-party relations with regard to the PlayStation Plus library and claims that “every major publisher” will be supporting the PlayStation Plus library but did not provide any further details. In an interview with Famitsu, Jim Ryan spoke about classic titles on PlayStation Plus, which will be available both natively and via streaming, where he hinted at performance boosts. Ryan claims that the tiles look great on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but the results varied title by title. It’s currently unclear as to whether classic titles will be available to purchase separately.

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