Atari has announced that it will be celebrating its 50th anniversary by combining two things gamers like least, NFTs and Loot Boxes. The company will be teaming up with Republic Realm, which Atari describes as being “one of the most active developers of the metaverse and NFT ecosystem”, to sell a range of GFTs (giftable NFTs).

These “GFTs” will come in the form of a wrapped box and will only open at a specific time, once it opens it will reveal various different NFTs from Atari’s 50-year legacy. When the GFT opens it will reveal which of the NFTs inside are common, rare or epic. According to Atari, the rare NFT drop rate will be less than 5% and the epic drop rate will be less than 1%.

Atari has also confirmed that GFT owners will be able to compete in competitions, have access to a special Discord server for trading and have access to “more to come in the metaverse”. Atari has yet to clarify what that means. The reception to this move has been met with overwhelming negativity but the whitelist round of the Atari GFT collection has already sold out. The GFT standard sale will begin on the 1st of February 2022.

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