A recent report from VGC has claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment has pulled the Twisted Metal reboot for the PlayStation 5 from Lucid Games. A reason for the switch was not provided but one of VGC’s sources hinted that it was due to the poor reception for Lucid Games’ previous PS5 title, Destruction All-Stars. The report has also confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment still wants to release the game in time for the 2023 live-action series and that the development has moved to a European first-party studio.

Matt Southern, director at Lucid Games, joined Firesprite, one of the newer studios in the PlayStation Studios team, this week pointing towards the development being handed over to them. Firesprite currently has over 265 employees at the studio following its acquisition of Fabrik Games and their last game was The Persistence. Matt Southern had lead roles in several Motorstorm games, he also contributed towards Driveclub.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has yet to confirm that the Twisted Metal series is being rebooted.

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