Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, has claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment rejected a pitch for an open-world Resistance game from Bend Studio. According to Ross, who left Bend Studio in December 2020, the studio pitched the idea after SIE rejected their pitch for a sequel to Days Gone which he claims was “dead on arrival”.

Ross claims that he got the idea that the studio shouldn’t even be thinking of a Days Gone 2 and that nothing in their pitch that impressed his boss and local manager. Ross also revealed that Bend Studio was looking into a reboot of the Syphon Filter franchise but that he didn’t know how to do so and that he wasn’t interested in doing so. Ross also felt that the idea of a reboot was “almost like a ‘keep them busy’” scenario so he’s not sure that anything would have come from it.

Earlier this week Ross revealed that Days Gone had sold over 9 million copies, over 8 million on the PlayStation 4 and over 1 million on PC. Bend Studio are currently working on a new IP for the PlayStation 5, no other details about the project were revealed.

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