The Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested Kenya Suzuki, a 40-year-old mangaka best known for his Oshiete! Galko-chan (Please Tell Me! Galko-chan), on suspicion of the possession of child pornography imported from Germany. Suzuki allegedly had six photo collections in his possession that he had imported in September and October of 2021. Suzuki was also involved in a separate case where police discovered a total of 46 photo books, six of which were also among Suzuki’s collection. Prior to his arrest Suzuki was missing for a week according to fellow mangaka Battan.

Oshiete! Galko-chan MAL Synopsis:

At first glance, Galko, Otako, and Ojou are three high school girls who seem like they wouldn’t have anything to do with each other. Galko is a social butterfly with a reputation for being a party animal, even though she is actually innocent and good-hearted despite her appearance. Otako is a plain-looking girl with a sarcastic personality and a rabid love of manga. And Ojou is a wealthy young lady with excellent social graces, though she can be a bit absent-minded at times. Despite their differences, the three are best friends, and together they love to talk about various myths and ask candid questions about the female body.

Oshiete! Galko-chan is a lighthearted and humorous look at three very different girls and their frank conversations about themselves and everyday life. No topic is too safe or too sensitive for them to joke about—even though every so often, Galko seems to get a bit embarrassed by their discussions!

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