Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt Red, has ruled out the possibility of Cyberpunk 2077 coming to any subscription services soon during an investors meeting, stating that it’s too early to think about that. Kiciński claims that CD Projekt Red will reconsider later on in the lifecycle of the game or when sales begin to slow down.

Here’s what Kiciński had to say about Cyberpunk coming to a subscription service:

“We always consider any business opportunity, but this kind of subscription model is good at a certain moment of the lifecycle of the product, so not too early. Witcher 3 was for some time in a subscription, but we have to weigh the benefit and cost each time, so we have to compare it to sales, so it’s a decision based on data. It’s way too early for Cyberpunk.”

Kiciński was also questioned about whether CD Projekt Red would be developing online games in the future to which he confirmed that the company wants to add multiplayer elements to both the Cyberpunk and Witcher franchises. Kiciński stated that the company are working on the online technology to seamlessly add online functionality to future games. Kiciński also clarified that this won’t change how the core of their games will work, claiming that CD Projekt Red will continue to make “single-player story-driven AAA RPGs”.

Here’s what Kiciński had to say about CD Projekt Reds multiplayer plans:

We are planning to add multiplayer functionality in the future to both franchises, including Cyberpunk, gradually. We are not revealing which franchise will get the first multiplayer functionalities but the first attempt will be something we can learn from and then add more and more, so step by step we want to open doors to multiplayer, but adding some multiplayer activities gradually.

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