NetEase and Sony Interactive Entertainment have both acquired a minority stake in Devolver Digital since the company began trading publicly on AIM, a sub-market London Stock Exchange. Devolver Digital raised $246 million since it began trading, valuing the company at $950 million. Devolver Digital will use the investment to future its expansion plans.

Here’s what Douglas Morin, CEO of Devolver Digital, had to say:

An IPO is the right choice for us to ensure our continued growth and support even more wonderful games. Most importantly, it will allow us to retain our culture. Being a public company gives liquidity to our amazing team, all of whom are shareholders. It also gives us access to capital markets to continue investing in our growth strategy and talent.

Since it began trading publically the following parties have invested in the company:

  • NetEase Inc. (35,236,880 shares) – 7.97%
  • Graeme Struthers (30,059,890 shares) – 6.80%
  • Nigel Lowrie (27,464,675 shares) – 6.21%
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited (22,241,917 shares) – 5.03%
  • Slater Investments (20,154,489 shares) – 4.56%
  • Eric (Rick) D. Stults (16,841,685 shares) – 3.81%
  • Roman Ribaric (15,485,855 shares) – 3.50%
  • Davor Hunski (15,485,855 shares) – 3.50%
  • Chelverton Asset Management (13,535,031 shares) – 3.0%

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