Young Horses has announced The Isle of Bigsnax, a free expansion for Bugsnax. The expansion will feature a new island for you to explore and will see the voice cast from Bugsnax return for a new adventure. The Isle of Bigsnax is due out early in 2022 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Details via Young Horses:

A mysterious island crawling with supersized Bugsnax has surfaced from the bottom of the ocean! Get ready to reunite with your favorite grumpuses and launch an expedition to discover what massive secrets the island has in store.

“The Isle of Bigsnax” update will also bring new additions to Snaktooth Island. The grumpuses have finally finished your hut, and soon you will be able to complete challenges from your mailbox plus collect decorations to personalize your hut to make it the snazziest on the island. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will also be able to put hats on your favorite Bugsnax.


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