Compile Heart has released the opening movie for Senran Nin Nin Ninja Taisen Neptune: Shoujo-tachi no Kyouen. The game is due out on the 16th of September 2021 in Japan for the PlayStation 4, a Western release has not yet been confirmed.

Details via Compile Heart:

“Game Ninja World,” a world where all ninja gather.

As the struggle for control of the country intensified between the feudal lords of each land, sparks flew between the two major powers with the leading two ninja schools.

The “Konbaryuu” mastered the art of ninjutsu through the “Command Technique,” while the “Hakobaryuu” mastered the art of ninjutsu through the “Action Technique.”

The two camps were fighting for supremacy when a mysterious machine ninja army that used a “Shoot Technique” suddenly attacked.

In the blink of an eye, the machine ninja army had already overtaken a lesser power, and its leader You Geima announced to the world…

Let the “Super NINJA Wars” to decide the world’s strongest ninja school commence!

Opening Movie:

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