Gearbox Publishing has announced that Counterplay Games’ Godfall will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 on the 10th of August 2021 alongside the game’s first paid expansion, Fire & Darkness. A free update for the game, titled Lightbringer, will also release alongside the expansion. Purchasing the PS4 version of the game will get you a free PS5 upgrade.

Details via Counterplay Games:

Fire & Darkness:

– Enter the Fire Realm – Step foot into Godfall’s largest Realm yet to extinguish new threats and claim extravagant loot.
– New Enemies – Challenge Moirax and the Flameblood Tribe, who add several bosses and nearly a dozen new enemies to Godfall.
– New Challenges and Rewards – Explore the obsidian peaks and azure magma rivers of the Fire Realm to claim over 20 new Valorplate skins and equip fearsome looks.

Lightbringer (free)

– New Lightbringer Mode – Race against the darkness to close three Tears before facing down throngs of enemies in a massive final battle.
– Endgame Matchmaking Beta – Match with other endgame players to take on the Ascended Tower of Trials and new Lightbringer mode.
– New Loot Type: Cursed Items – Cursed Items grant players a massive boon, if players are able to lift the Curse and unlock the item’s full potential.


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