Sony Group Corporation’s Corporate Strategy Meeting has revealed several new updates for Sony Interactive Entertainment, the meeting confirmed that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 will be coming to PC. Sony Interactive Entertainment previously confirmed that it would be releasing more first-party titles on PC following the PC port of SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone. Sony also confirmed that there are currently over 47.6 million PlayStation Plus subscribers and that they are currently assessing options aimed at “enhancing and developing” both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s movie and tv production company, is currently working on 10 projects. The announced projects are the Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima movies as well as the Sly Cooper, Twisted Metal and The Last of Us TV series. Sony has also confirmed that they will be releasing more mobile game adaptations of PlayStation IP and more anime mobile games.

Finally, Sony has confirmed that they will continue to invest in AI projects for PlayStation 5, Sony believes that AI will help make experiences on PS5 “even richer and more enjoyable by leveraging reinforcement learning”. The AI project will explore the possibility of adding a co-op partner or opponent.

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