A new Lupin the Third anime series has been announced as part of the series’ 50th-anniversary celebrations, the anime is titled Lupin III: Part 6 and will premiere in October 2021 in Japan. No other details were revealed.

Production Staff:

  • Studio: TMS Entertainment (Fruits Basket: The Final)
  • Director: Eiji Suganama (Lupin III: Prison of the Past)
  • Composition: Takahiro Okura (Lupin III: Part 5)
  • Music: Yuji Ohno (Lupin III)
  • Character Design: Hiroki Marufuji (Lupin III: Goodbye Partner)

MAL Synopsis:

His name is Lupin III. He is a gentleman thief whose grandfather was the renowned phantom thief Arsène Lupin.

When it comes to the art of thievery, there is nothing Lupin III cannot steal; whether it be jewels, works of art, hidden treasures, the secret to immortality, or the heart of a pretty girl.

Lupin’s partners are Daisuke Jigen, a great gunman; Goemon Ishikawa, a master swordsman; Fujiko Mine, a devilishly clever femme fatale. There is Inspector Zenigata, a relentless ICPO officer, consumed with an obsessive desire to apprehend the masterful thief.

PV Trailer:

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