Deep Silver has announced that Free Radical Design will be retuning to begin working on a new game in the TimeSplitters franchise. Free Radical Design will be led by Steve Ellis and David Doak, founders of the original studio. Free Radical Design will be based in Nottingham, UK. Development will begin “in the coming months” as Deep Silver are still in the process of building the studio.

Here’s what Paul Nicholls, global brand and marketing director of Deep Silver, had to say:

It’s this unique style that earned the TimeSplitters series a large and passionate following who will, without doubt, be excited by the formation of Deep Silver’s latest studio and will look forward to learning more as the franchise moves forward.

Here’s what Steve Ellis, studio development director at Free Radical Design, had to say:

To finally be able to confirm that the studio has been formed and that we have a plan for the next TimeSplitters game is incredible. While we cannot tell you anything more at the moment, we look forward to sharing information in the future.

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