Lance McDonald, one of the biggest Souls YouTubers around and the creator of the Bloodborne 60 fps mod, has revealed that the rumors of QLOC & Bluepoint working on a Bloodborne remaster for the PlayStation 5 and PC are false. According to McDonald the leaks that were shared in 2020 were fake and were shared by a group of “insiders”.

McDonald also revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainments contract with Bluepoint Games for the Demon’s Souls remake has expired which is why there haven’t been any recent updates to the game and why you cannot delete characters in the game. McDonald claims that he isn’t sure if a Bloodborne remaster is currently in development or what Sony’s plans for the series are.

Sony Interactive Entertainment previously committed to bringing more PlayStation first-party titles to PC with Days Gone releasing in the second quarter of 2021 so it feels like it’s only a matter of time until Bloodborne is ported to PC as well.

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