Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, has revealed that a sequel to the game is still a possibility. Last week a report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier claimed that the Days Gone sequel pitch was rejected by Sony Interactive Entertainment and that SIE Bend Studio was tasked with helping Naughty Dog with a new Uncharted game and their multiplayer project for The Last of Us Part II.

Ross refused to comment on whether SIE Bend are working on a new Uncharted game or whether the sequel pitch was actually rejected. Ross did however reveal that a possible sequel to Days Gone is still on the cards although “maybe not right now.” According to Ross a Days Gone sequel would have co-op and would take place in a shared universe. Ross also revealed that Sony is still “very supportive and hands-off” with PlayStation Studios and that Sony doesn’t let “spreadsheets drive the decisions”.

Days Gone was a big commercial success for Sony Interactive Entertainment and has been received favourably by gamers, the critical response for the game was mixed. Days Gone is currently available on the PlayStation 4, a PC port is due out in the second quarter of 2021.

Here’s what Ross had to say about Sony:

We’re all smart and we understand that we have to create something commercial, but they’re not jamming that down our throat. Games are expensive, movies are expensive… in order to make more, the initial ones need to make money. I do think that the more you overthink something, the more you’re destined to doom it and that’s why I like the loose format at Sony. Even in the Schreier report where he talks about them tightening things up, they still trust their developers tremendously.

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