A new report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment rejected a pitch from SIE Bend Studio for a sequel to Days Gone. The report states that Sony Interactive Entertainment was not sure a sequel would be viable due to the mixed reviews for the game. The game, which outsold several other major PlayStation first-party such as God of War and The Last Guardian in Japan, has also turned a good profit.

Sony Interactive Entertainment also assigned SIE Bend Studio to assist Naughty Dog with their standalone multiplayer project for The Last of Us Part II whilst a second team at SIE Bend Studio was tasked with developing a new Uncharted game, also under the supervision of Naughty Dog. This caused unrest at the studio and resulted in several senior members of SIE Bend Studio leaving PlayStation.

Management at SIE Bend Studio also feared being absorbed into Naughty Dog and requested to be removed from the Uncharted project. Sony Interactive Entertainment agreed and SIE Bend Studio began working on a new project as of March 2021. No details on what that project is were revealed.

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