Neil Druckmann, co-director and writer of The Last of Us, has revealed that the HBO TV series adaptation of the game will cover the story from the first game. Druckmann also confirmed that the TV Series will have episodes that “deviate greatly” from the story in the game despite using dialogue lifted directly from the game’s script. Druckmann has however assured that the “philosophical underpinnings of the story” will remain.

Here’s what Druckmann had to say:

Things sometimes stay pretty close. It’s funny to see my dialogue there from the games in HBO scripts. And sometimes they deviate greatly to much better effect because we are dealing with a different medium. Some of my favourite episodes so far have deviated greatly from the story, and I can’t wait for people to see them. For example, in the game, there’s so much action you have to train the player about mechanics. You have to have more violence and more spectacle to some degree than you would need on a TV show because you don’t need to train people on how to use a gun. So that’s something that’s been really different, and HBO’s been great in pushing us to move away from hardcore action and focus more on the drama of the character.

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