Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II will be directed by Naoki Hamaguchi, the co-director of Part I. Tetsuya Nomura, co-director of Part I, will serve as the creative director for Part II. Nomura-san claims that this change was made due to his involvement in various other new projects but assures that his basic role in the game will not be changed. No other details about Part II were revealed.

Here’s what Nomura-san had to say:

Today, we announced three Final Fantasy VII titles, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m personally working on more projects now than ever before. Since we were able to solidify the base gameplay in the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake and are able to see what we need to improve upon in the future, Naoki Hamaguchi will be entrusted as the director on the next part, while I’ll be involved as the creative director on all things Final Fantasy VII, including the Remake and mobile titles. My basic involvement in the work won’t significantly change, so please give me your continued support.

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