Kadokawa Corporation has announced that it has formed a capital alliance with Sony Corporation and CyberAgent to strengthen its game and anime business. Sony and CyberAgent have both been issued with 1,422,475 shares from third-party sources, giving each company a 1.93% acquisition in Kadokawa Corporation. Kadokawa is aiming to grow existing IP and to create and acquire new IP through this alliance. Kadokawa Corporation is the parent company of From Software and is one of Japan’s biggest media companies and CyberAgent is the parent company of Cygames, developers of the Granblue Fantasy series.

Here’s what each company brings to the alliance via Kadokawa:

  • CyberAgent – Development and operation strength for smartphone games.
  • Kadokawa Corporation – Content strength to constantly create IPs composed of a diversified portfolio.
  • Sony – Global expansion power of animation and consumer games.

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