Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced MLB The Show 21 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, the game will release on the 20th of April 2021. This is the first game from PlayStation Studios to release on Xbox. Sony Interactive Entertainment San Diego Studio previously confirmed that the MLB The Show series would be going multiplat, no news on a Switch version has been revealed. MLB The Show 21 will also support cross-platform play and progression, making it the first sport game to do so.

Details via Sony Interactive Entertainment:

– Cross-Platform Play and Cross Progression

That is right, users can play against each other online with cross-platform play in MLB The Show 21. In addition, cross progression allows you earn and use content on whichever platform and generation you choose.

– MLB The Show 21 Feature Premieres

To keep everyone safe as we continue to adapt to the current global pandemic, we have had to make some changes to how we reveal and share all the new features and updates to the game. This year we will be rolling out Feature Premiere, which will be broadcasting simultaneously across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live. The Feature Premieres will be a great opportunity for us to show our fans what we have been working on that makes this year’s game better than its predecessor. For MLB The Show 21, we plan on posting around six Feature Premieres with the first one being released in March.

– Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-order now and be ready for action.

– PlayStation Store (PS5, PS4) and Microsoft Store – 1 Gold Choice Pack

Standard Edition

– Standard Edition (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

MLB The Show 21

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One standard edition includes:

– A copy of the game

Downloadable content items:

– 5,000 Stubs

– Standard Edition (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series)

MLB The Show 21

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series standard edition includes:

– A copy of the game

Downloadable content items:

– 5,000 Stubs

– [10] The Show Packs

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