NetherRealm Studios has disqualified Mortal Kombat 11 streamer Titaniumtigerzz from the North American League tournament, where he reached the finals, over a custom moveset name. The moveset does not contain any profanity which makes the decision seem strange, Titaniumtigerzz was disqualified for selecting a Sheeva variation called “WhyDidNRSdoThis”. The moveset is a reference to Sheeva’s unblockable stomp, which can be spammed and only has a select few counters.

Titaniumtigerzz stream was shut off without any reason at the time and commentators for the match were muted for a while. NeatherRealm Studios has since confirmed that the reason for the ban was the custom name moveset. NeatherRealm Studios has confirmed that Titaniumtigerzz has not been banned and that he will be able to enter future tournaments, something he has already committed too.

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