Frontier Works has announced Saiyuuki Reload Zeroin, the anime adaptation of the Even a Worm arc of Kazuya Minekura’s Saiyuki Reload manga series. The anime will be produced at LIDEN FILMS (Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama, Berserk 2016) and is currently without a release window. The cast of the previous Saiyuuki Reload anime adaptations will reprise their roles.

MAL Synopsis:

The fearsome foursome continue their journey west towards Shangri-La, encountering new challenges and new adventures along the way. Their legend precedes them, but not always in the way one might expect. The Minus Wave that apparently drove all the youkai in the land mad looks like it might have missed one, as Sanzou, Gojou, Hakkai and Gokuu meet a lone guardian and the band of children he cares for. Fear and misunderstanding run throughout this particular leg of the journey, including between the members of the Sanzou group!

To celebrate the new anime adaptation Kazuya Minekura, author of the series, drew a teaser visual.

Saiyuuki Reload Zeroin teaser trailer:

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