Nihon Falcom has announced The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Black), the next game in the Trails (Kiseki) series. The game will release in 2021 in Japan, no specific platforms were revealed however Toshihiro Kondo, president of Nihon Falcom, did confirm that the studio is making preparations for PlayStation 5 support and that he would like to release the game on the PlayStation 4 as well other platforms where there is a demand for the game.

Here’s what we know about the game:

  • The game is built on Falcom’s new engine.
  • The game will be set in the Republic of Calvard in the year S.1208. Calvard will feel like Eastern Europe.
  • The story follows characters that are in the gray zone of society (a detective, a negotiator, a bounty hunter, etc.)
  • The map size will be similar in size to previous Cold Steel games.
  • Movement and combat will be seamless.
  • Commands are now real-time.
  • Combat Links and Brave Orders have been replaced.
  • A new “Topic System” has been implemented for NPC conversations.
  • The bond events have been replaced.
  • 90% of the characters in the game are new, the other 10% are fan favourites.
  • Content-wise the game is equivalent to the previous Cold Steel games.
  • You won’t have as many allies as in the Cold Steel games, you’ll have far more enemies.
  • The game will have a proper ending.
  • A sequel is dependent on how well the game sells.

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