THQ Nordic Acquires Piranha Bytes

THQ Nordic has announced the acquisition of game studio Piranha Bytes, creators of the Elex, Risen and Gothic franchises. The acquisition includes the rights to Piranha Bytes’ intellectual properties and the development studio. The cost of the acquisition was not disclosed but is equal to “three years of what management’s estimated royalty payments to Piranha for upcoming titles would have been, if the acquisition had not occurred.” The acquisition will not effect the way Piranha Bytes is run, the studio will retain all of its staff and will continue development and have “full creative freedom in doing so” under the new name, Piranha Bytes GmbH.

Here’s what Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ Nordic, had to say:

“Piranha Bytes is one of the most iconic german game studios and the creators of RPG´s Gothic, Risen and, more recently, Elex. The three strong IPs have proven successful and will be great additions to our portfolio. We look forward bringing Piranha team into the family which has received legendary status across the RPG community as their fan base cherishes their current games and eagerly anticipates their new titles in the future.”

Here’s what Michael Ruve, CEO of Piranha Bytes, had to say:

“We have a successful and long-standing relationship with THQ Nordic and are very excited to join the group. THQ Nordic has unparalleled experience and capabilities in games development and publishing, and we are convinced they are the perfect partner to support Piranha in taking the studio to the next level. We see a unique opportunity to continue to develop great, memorable and impactful RPG games, now being part of the THQ Nordic family.”


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