New Project Sakura Wars Details Announced

Tetsu Katano, Shin Sakura Taisen (Project Sakura Wars) producer, Takahara Terada, series director and scenarist, and Tetsuya Otsubo, series development director, have revealed new information for the latest entry in the Sakura Wars series in an interview with Famitsu.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Project Sakura Wars had the largest development team in the series’ history with well over 100 people working on the game, both within Sega and from external development studios.
  • The game was titled Shin Sakura Taisen because it is a soft reboot of the series but it also acts as a sequel to previous games. Characters from Sakura Wars 1-5 will appear in Project Sakura Wars.
  • Project Sakura Wars is powered by the Hedgehog Engine, making it the first non-Sonic game to use the engine.
  • Over 300 variants of the logo was designed by Sega.
  • The game will feature over 80 songs with each of the main cast getting their own solo songs.
  • The games scenario writing has been completed.
  • The game is a full 3D game, the team are currently working on making it as seamless as possible. Dialogue will make use of the camera changes.
  • Mini-games will be revealed alongside the combat at a later date.
  • The games development is around 40-50% complete.
  • Smartrons, the smartphone-like devices characters use, will have more uses than before. You can view details on where to go to progress the story and character events, similar to the Persona 5 smartphone.
  • Seijuro’s personality will change depending on player choices.
  • The game has many famous people working on it, Sega will reveal them at a later date.
  • Areas have been meticulously recreated in 3D, everything from main to mundane areas have been detailed.

The trio also revealed new information and screenshots for the main cast of characters:

  • Sakura Amamiya: She’s a huge fan of Sakura Shinguji and wants to be just like her. She has a cheerful personality and is a bit of a tomboy. She’s also clumsy. Sakura was the character the team had the most difficulty creating, her design was completed early on but her personality took a long time to nail down.

  • Hatsuho Shinonome: She was designed so that when someone sees her they think, “That’s a Kubo character”. Details on her personality weren’t revealed.

  • Azami Mochizuki: A kunoichi that follows the 108 codes of the Shinobi from her village. The team acknowledged how weird her attire is given her role as a Shinobi but confirmed that her reason for dressing that way will be revealed in the game. She enjoys chatting with her friends. Throughout the story she will eventually break all 108 codes.

  • Anastasia Palma: Anastasia might look like a cold woman but she’s actually caring and has a warm personality. She has a gentle demeanor and doesn’t break her principals. Anastasia also crossdresses but whether it’s for story purposes or not was not revealed.

  • Clarisse: A stereotypical noblewoman, she loves books and is interested in magic. She curses in a cute way such as, “Please go to hell!”

Project Sakura Wars releases next Winter in Japan, exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and in the West in Spring 2020.


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